Lapis Lazuli Polished Chip Beads Triple Strand Earrings in Stainless Steel

Designer: Houzz of DVA Boutique



Turn heads when you’re rocking these lapis lazuli polished chip beads earrings with deep blue shades. Set with a stainless-steel earring hook, these lapis beauty will compliment many of your summer fashions.

Stainless Steel Post

Three Strand Tassel Beads

Length 4in, Width 1in




Few gemstones equal the extensive and passionate history of lapis lazuli. Although found in many locations throughout the world, the Badakhshan province of northern Afghanistan offers the finest quality. Lapis lazuli is an ancient gem, mined as far back as Neolithic times. Ancient civilizations treasured this stone. It is found in artifacts of Egyptian, Grecian, Roman, and Chinese origin. These could be decorative objects, such as amulets or other jewelry. But, just as often, practical items were carved from this stone including cups, bowls, and combs.


Avoid direct sunlight, perfume, moisturizer and hairspray. We recommend you remove your jewelry when showering, at the beach, or swimming in chlorinated water. All pieces featuring natural gemstones are very precious and need to be treated with the utmost care. Harsh chemicals and cleaners should be avoided. Use a clean soft cloth to shine your pieces. 

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