Nzies~Originals Hair Accessories

Nzies `Originals Hair Accessories Collection
Manifested from my burning desire to find unique fun and exciting hair bows, I found myself channeling my childhood passion to create hair accessories that would exude the dazzling personality of my daughter Ntyzhala; from this was born Nzies` Originals which are perfectly imperfect one-of- a- kind unique hair accessories. Each one is individually handcrafted with genuine 100% love and no two are alike.
Our designs are purposed for the girl who dares to be different. Nzies `Originals are designed with some of the most unexpected unique prints and materials like new and upcycle fabrics, rare and exotic gemstones, Swarovski stones, feathers, real and faux leather and more.
The desire is to create hair accessories to the fit the lifestyles, personalities and passions of every girl. In the Nzies` Originals collection you will find amazing hair bows, hair clips and headbands fit for the conservative, the creative, the girly, the posh, the prissy and the sporty princess.

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